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President’s Message

President’s Message

Aaron D. Tressler, DC
New President’s Address to the Membership

I am humbled to have this opportunity to serve as president of the Chiropractic Fellowship and I take it very seriously. 

I want to first thank Dr. David Smith for his 14 years of diligent service to our state. And also, to the past board members and all that took the time to serve and preserve our rights as chiropractors.

When I was asked if I would be president, I had to reflect on this and see if I really had the time. Am I capable to serve? Can I honor our organization and state? My reflection was on what is at stake? We are privileged as chiropractors to adjust children, use the word subluxation, talk philosophy, take x-rays and stay principled. I want my children and grandchildren to have this right as well.

Our forefathers fought and went to jail for this right, we need to preserve it. So, I am honored to take on this position to my best ability. I need your help and support to fulfill this mission and take it to a higher level.

When Dr. Reggie Gold spoke in his final years, he told us that what he has done and accomplished is a stepping stone. I admired his teaching, philosophy and communication skills but did not feel capable to do what he has done. But he commanded us to continue. To grow beyond what he and others have done. This is a must.  We are capable to continue this growth and make chiropractic more powerful.

I am excited about our potential. We have a tremendous board and leaders that are willing to put forth the time and effort.  We must work at this together, build relationships, teach and mentor each other for support and growth. We have the most amazing opportunity and occupation on this planet. Our community and society need us. They need our philosophy, principles and leadership to make their lives better. We can deliver this.

I look forward to our service together in making Pennsylvania stronger and more principled than ever.


Aaron D. Tressler