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President’s Message

Welcome to the CFOP. Since beginning my chiropractic career in 1986 I have seen how groups like ours are a very necessary part of our profession. Our organization is truly dedicated to preserving and protecting the right to practice chiropractic based on the Philosophy and Principles of our founders. We want to stay focused on what makes us different as a healthcare profession and not duplicate what others do. We are NOT an alternative to any other form of healthcare. We are a separate and distinct form of healthcare that adheres to a unique Philosophy which only applies to the practice of chiropractic. The ‘Vision’ and ‘Mission Statement’ of the CFOP  very clearly define what we are committed to preserving. 

Supporting a group like ours makes you a part of preserving chiropractic practice for the future generations of D.C.s. We take for granted the right that we have to take care of people of all ages, regardless of their current health status or symptoms. The right to X-ray as we feel is necessary to analyze the presence of  vertebral subluxation. The right to see people without the need for third party authorization. These rights may seem to be expected as many of you have been in practice for a few years, but they have come under fire many times in our profession. Our presence in Harrisburg has been a great benefit in staying ahead of bills that seek to greatly alter what most of us consider to be a ‘normal’ way of practicing in our offices. 

Aside from the ‘usual’ business of the CFOP I am looking forward to seeing our organization change and grow. We are working to provide many more tools to Pennsylvania D.C.’s to help their offices grow and thrive. And this year will be our CE year so plan on attending our bi-annual conference in Harrisburg on August 2 and 3. If you are a continuing member, then we thank you for your support. But our group is always in need of new members as we look to the future. Please spread the word about our group and encourage new doctors to join us as we move forward. We are always here to do our best to help each and every one of you. If you ever have a question or a practice issue, please reach out if you need anything. And please contact us with any ideas/suggestions of how we can continue to improve. Along with our current Board members, I truly believe we have assembled the best people to represent chiropractic in the state of Pennsylvania. We are all volunteers who believe very strongly in preserving the Principles and Philosophy of our great profession and we would be honored to have you join us!

Warmest Regards,
Dr. Wack
CFoP President