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About CFoP

Who We Are…

The Chiropractic Fellowship of Pennsylvania (CFoP) was established in June of 1967 to help protect the rights of principled chiropractors. The Fellowship has a lasting purpose attitude; embracing the idea that one should love, serve, and give from one’s abundance without compromise.

CFoP members have numerous types of practices from cash to insurance, various office procedures, and different adjusting techniques. What unites us is not what is in our office, but what is in our hearts. We stand firm on the belief that everyone should have access to chiropractic care for the correction of vertebral subluxation. We are dedicated to protecting your rights and privileges to practice chiropractic in the state of Pennsylvania.

Through our administrative office, we will continue to monitor the legislature and State Board of Chiropractic. We must protect:

  • The privilege to see patients without an MD referral.
  • The ability to adjust patients without a medical diagnosis
  • A patients choice to access chiropractic care solely for the correction of vertebral subluxation
  • The ability to practice using our own procedures and techniques
  • Family care and family plans
  • Fair and equitable insurance reimbursement

CFoP will continue to offer timely seminars and conferences to provide you with valuable information, as well as CE opportunities.