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Mission and Vision Statements

Our Mission:

Founded in 1967, the Chiropractic Fellowship has always been committed to preserving our rights to practice as a principled chiropractor with the art, science, and philosophy that defines and separates us from other health professionals.

Our Vision:

Our Political Action Committee oversees activity in the Pennsylvania government to retain our rights in many areas including these five Foundational Platforms:

  • We are privileged to be Primary Care Providers in that the public can utilize our services without any third-party authorization.
  • We have the right to x-ray if needed for the assessment, correction, and management of subluxation.
  • We have the right to provide chiropractic services to newborn patients through senior citizens.
  • We can see patients for asymptomatic care and maintenance care, all based on the principle of chiropractic, subluxation, and adjustment.
  • CFoP has also supported the right to choose to be vaccinated or unvaccinated in Pennsylvania.
  • CFoP’s  Policy of Health Freedom Statement