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Mission and Vision Statements

Our Mission:

Founded in 1967, the Chiropractic Fellowship has always been committed to preserving our rights to practice as a principled chiropractor with the art, science, and philosophy that defines and separates us from other health professionals.

Our Vision:

Our Political Action Committee oversees activity in the Pennsylvania government to retain our rights in many areas including these five Foundational Platforms:

  • We are privileged to be Primary Care Providers in that the public can utilize our services without any third-party authorization.
  • We have the right to x-ray if needed for the assessment, correction, and management of subluxation.
  • We have the right to provide chiropractic services to newborn patients through senior citizens.
  • We can see patients for asymptomatic care and maintenance care, all based on the principle of chiropractic, subluxation, and adjustment.
  • The CFoP has also supported the right to choose to be vaccinated or unvaccinated in Pennsylvania.
  • The CFoP’s  Policy of Health Freedom Statement

Your dues are not only supporting OUR future but the future of all those who follow, our community, and our state.

Your support is greatly appreciated.

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