President’s Message

Chiropractic Fellowship of PA
New President’s Address to the Membership

As the incoming president of the CFoP, I would like to introduce myself to the membership and outline the goals I have set for the following two years. I have come in as President with mixed emotions. It is the best of times regarding the Fellowship’s mission and accomplishments, yet a difficult time to assume leadership after the passing of our former president Gary Horwin, who served from 1998 until October of 2006.

I am a long time Fellowship member, joining before I graduated from ADIO Institute of Straight Chiropractic in 1982. I have experienced the organization as a member and, since 1998 as a board member. I have run the South Central Region, assisted in local picnics and Family Fun Weekends, and worked to increase our presence for quality Continuing Education programs. I have been a member of both the ICA and the FSCO since 1982 and have served the FSCO as a representative for the Fellowship. I am involved as adjunct faculty on several chiropractic colleges.

The Fellowship was founded in order to strengthen the profession and its right to serve the public. Originally working to increase rights to advertise and educate the public, the CFoP has progressed to also protecting the right of the chiropractor to adjust vertebral subluxations and maintain the innate principle. We serve chiropractors through legislation, education and communication in order to eliminate barriers that may restrict access to chiropractic. We have been in the forefront in defending the right to adjust minors.

The Fellowship will continue to pursue the goals laid out by Dr Horwin in his initial address of January 1999. This includes:

  • Increasing support through local meetings and networking of our members, as well as non-members dedicated to the correction of vertebral subluxation.
  • Working with membership to increase out-of-office activities that enhance our fellowship. This includes annual local picnics, as well as occasional conventions, reunions, awards banquets and family weekends.
  • Emphasize our ability to mentor new chiropractors. We have a strong board with years of experience, as well as veteran members that can guide the youth of our profession to successful and rewarding practice.
  • Increasing our membership with a higher profile and value in being active in the organization.

We will continue to monitor the legislative arena with our lobbyists and contacts. We will continue our superior Continuing Education programs emphasizing Science, Art and Philosophy of Chiropractic. We will continue to work towards being represented on the State Board of Chiropractic Examiners.

To meet these goals and continue our progress we will need the help of active members and active board members. The majority of the profession is very supportive to the Fellowship, participating in legislative efforts and patronizing our seminar programs. I am asking you today to consider stepping up your support by becoming a more active member. Most of you have many years experience with successful practices. Now is the time to mentor a younger chiropractor, to volunteer to serve on the board, to use your knowledge in administrative areas to help our programs and seminars. Please join me in advancing chiropractic in Pennsylvania. The best way to serve and protect the profession is with active members, like you.

David B Smith, DC