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X-Ray Requirements due Sept. 1, 2017. Register for Aug. 26 Seminar.

X-Ray Requirements due Sept. 1, 2017. Register for Aug. 26 Seminar.

4 CE Seminar: “X-Ray Safety for Chiropractors and Technicians”
August 26, 2017
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X-Ray Requirements:

May 2017

Questions and Answers Regarding New CEU Requirements for Operators of Chiropractic X-Ray

The Bureau of Radiation Protection, in Regulation Title 25, PA Code Section 221.11 requires x-ray registrants to have training and be competent.  It specifies Continuing Education Units for all operators that expose films, chiropractors and their techs.

Effective 9/01/2009 the regulation went into effect.  It calls for operators of chiropractic radiation to have four hours of classroom CEU’s in topics of radiation safety specified in the Regulation.

When is the requirement due?  Classroom work for the next rotation must be completed by 09/01/2017.  The operator must keep a certificate of attendance as proof of completion and have it available to the DEP upon inspection of the x-ray unit.

Who is required to have the mandatory CEU’s?  Anyone that exposes films in your office.  That would be all ACRRT’s and any chiropractor that exposes the film.

How do I get the credits?  The Chiropractic Fellowship is a resource offering Continuing Education Units. We have scheduled the appropriate four hour courses at our “Philadelphia Freedom” conference June 10-11, 2017 and in Pittsburgh on Saturday, August 26th, 2017.  Mailings will be sent out to all chiropractors that have x-ray units registered with the DEP, Bureau of Radiation Protection.  Be sure to have your certificate of attendance available to the DEP inspector as proof of completion.

Here is the Medical X-Ray Procedures Operator Training Guide, #291-4200-001, September 01, 2009.  Also review the Fact Sheet on Continuing Education Requirements.

David B Smith, DC

President, Chiropractic Fellowship of PA